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What Do You Need To Know?


  1. Course duration: 6 months 6 hours per week

  2. Times per week 3

  3. Location: Zoom

  4. Lecturer: Psychologist Sara Adham


The Program:

 The Origins Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Basics of cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy development stages

  • Id, Ego, Superego


Learning Theory

  • What is learning?

  • The behavior

  • Stimulus and response

  • Responsive learning

  • Effective learning


Cognitive Theory

  • Classification of ideas

  • What is the cognitive scheme?

  • Individual personality and cognitive scheme


Emotion Theory

  • What is emotion?

  • Why do we have feelings?

  • Emotion and personality

  • Emotion in cognitive behavioral therapy


Conscious Presence And Acceptance

  • What is presence consciousness?

  • Acceptance

  • Conscious presence and acceptance in cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Validation 

  • What is the definition of Validation?

  • What is self validation?

  • Validation and invalidation


-Low expectations


Therapeutic Alliance

  • Power and Equality in Psychotherapy

  • Sympathy

  • Validation

Alliance: Communication and Mutual Validation


The structure of the treatment session

The beginning

Procedures Teaching Methods



Some Of Treatment Methods

  • Psychological education

  • Exposing

  • Behavioral experiments

  • Applied relaxation


  • Behavioral Activation

  • Regulating emotions

  • Cognitive technologies

  • Addressing the rules of life and the cognitive scheme

  • Self-portrait adjustment; Imagery rescripting ImR

  • Conscious presence

  • Acceptance 

  • Self Validation


The Environment, Family And Relatives

  • Expand the treatment cycle and increase its effectiveness

  • Expand awareness and involve others in treatment


Real Cases For Analysis

 Final exam

Graduation certificate after passing the final exam

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