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Read through the statements and choose the option that you think best matches how you measure the last three days. Record your score for each statement. You can only choose one option per question. Do not think too long but try to work fast.


Here, we ask you to describe your mood, if you feel sad, gloomy or gloomy. Think about how you have felt in the last three days, whether you have shifted your mood or if it has been pretty much the same all the time, and especially try to remember if you have felt easier in your mind if something positive has happened.

0 points

I can feel happy or sad, depending on the circumstances.

2  points

I feel depressed most of the time, but sometimes it can feel easier.

aI feel consistently depressed and gloomy. I can't rejoice in things that would usually make me happy.

6  points

I am totally miserable and unhappy that I cannot think worse.

Feeling Anxious

Here we ask you to mark the extent to which you have feelings of inner tension, anxiety and anxiety or undefined fear in the last three days. Consider, in particular, how intense the emotions have been, and whether they have come and gone or been there all the time.

0 points

I feel mostly calm.

2 points

Sometimes I have unpleasant feelings of inner concern.

4 points

I often have a feeling of inner anxiety that can sometimes become very strong, and which I must make an effort to master.

6 points

I have terrible, long-lasting or unbearable anxiety feelings.


Here we ask you to describe how well you sleep. Think about how long you slept and how good your sleep was in the last three nights. The assessment should relate to how you actually slept, whether or not you took sleep aid. If you sleep more than usual, set your mark at 0.

0 points

I sleep peacefully and well and long enough for my needs. I have no particular difficulty in falling asleep.

2 points

I have some sleep problems. Sometimes I find it difficult to fall asleep or sleep more or less anxiously than usual.

4 points

I sleep at least two hours less per night than normal. I often wake up during the night, even though I'm not disturbed.

6 points

I sleep very badly, not more than 2-3 hours a night.


Here we ask you to take a position on how your appetite is and think about whether it in any way differs from what is normal for you. If you have better appetite than normal, mark it at 0.

0 points

My appetite is as it usually is.

2 points

My appetite is worse than usual.

4 points

My appetite has almost completely disappeared. The food doesn't taste, and I have to force myself to eat.

6 points

I don't want any food. If I get anything in me, I have to be persuaded to eat.


Here we ask you to take a stand on your ability to keep your thoughts gathered and concentrate on different activities. Think about how you work at idifferent tasks that require different degrees of concentration ability, such as reading complicated text, easy newspaper text and TV viewing.


I have no concentration difficulties.


I have a hard time keeping my thoughts together on things that would normally catch my attention (for example, reading or watching TV).


I havI  I have e a hard time concentrating on things that normally do not require any effort on my part (for example, reading or conversing with other people).


I can't even concentrate on anything at all.


Here you ask to try to value your action. The question is whether you are easy or difficult to get started with what you think you should do, and to what extent you have to overcome an internal resistance when you are dealing with something.

0 points

I have no difficulty in addressing new tasks.

2 points

When I have to deal with something, it receives in a way that is not normal to me.

4 points

It t        Makes a lot of effort for me to even get started with simple tasks that I usually do more or less routinely.

6 points

I cannot induce myself to deal with the simplest everyday tasks.

Emotional Commitment

Here we ask you to take a position on how you perceive your interest in the outside world and for other people, and for such activities that usually prepare you pleasure and joy.

0 points

I am interested in the outside world and engage in it, and it prepares me both pleasure and joy.

2 points

I feel less strong for things that usually involve me. I find it harder than usual to be happy or harder to get angry when justified.

4 points

I cannot feel any interest in the outside world, not even for friends and acquaintances.

6 points

I have stopped experiencing some emotions. I feel painfully indifferent even to my closest.


The question is how you look at your own future and how you perceive your own value. Consider the extent to which you give yourself self-pity, if you are plagued by guilt, and if you worry more often than usual for, for example, your finances or your health.

0 points

I look to the future with confidence. On the whole I am quite satisfied with myself.

2 points

Sometimes I blame myself and think that I am less worthy than others.

4 points

I often ponder over my failures and feel inferior or bad, although others think differently.

6 points

I see everything in black and can't see any brightness. It feels like I was a very bad person, and as if I could never get any forgiveness for the terrible thing I did.


Joy of Life

The question is about your lifespan, and whether you have known the lifespan. Do you have thoughts of suicide, and if so, to what extent do you experience this as a real resort?

0 points

I have normal appetite for life.

2 points

Life does not feel very meaningful but I still do not wish that I was dead.

4 points

I often think it would be better to be dead, and although I really do not want it, suicide can sometimes feel like a possible way out.

6 points

I am really convinced that my only way out is to die, and I think a lot about how I should best go to take my own life.


When you have taken a position on all the statements you should summarize your points. Read your results in the table below.

0-11 points

You do not suffer from any depression.

12-20 points

You suffer from moderate depression.

> 20 points

Probability is high for actual depression if your condition has lasted for more than two weeks.

> 40 points

session to psychiatric clincer should be considered (this is partly due to the presence of suicidal thoughts, relatives, etc.)

Reference: Montgomery SA, Asberg M. A new depression scale designed to be sensitive to change. Br J Psychiatry 1979 Apr 134: 382-9

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