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Nafsi Clinic

Meet Sara Adham: Founder of Nafsi Clinic and CBT Therapist

Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm Sara Adham, the owner and founder of Nafsi Clinic. As a dedicated therapist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with experience from Cady Academy and Psychology Institution at Umeå University in Sweden, I am excited to introduce you to the services I provide.

I offer online mental health sessions in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, and Swedish.

Additionally, I have authored books on self-biography and narcissism. My mission is to empower individuals facing social challenges and mental health issues, facilitating personal growth and well-being.

Allow me to share the range of services I offer:

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Nafsi Clinic

Nafsi Clinic, led by Sara Adham, specializes in online CBT therapy, offering accessible mental health support from the convenience of your home. Our evidence-based approach has successfully guided numerous individuals toward long-lasting improvements in their

emotional well-being.

Nafsi Clinic

Nafsi Courses

Discover our diverse range of courses, covering topics such as guidance counseling, narcissistic personality disorder, and depression. Our diploma programs equip you with valuable skills to support those facing mental health issues. Explore our courses and start your journey today.

Nafsi Academy

Sara's Books

Explore Sara's Books for a range of inspiring and informative titles, including "Narcissism: The Disease and Cure" in Arabic and the captivating self-biography "Red Sky" available in both Arabic and English. Stay updated for exciting upcoming releases!

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